About Me

I have always been motivated by opportunities to help others be successful.   Todd head shot

My objective in this business is to listen to understand what you are doing, and offer promotional ideas/products that contribute to the outcomes you’re looking for.

My training and career has been in pastoral ministry – 20 years in youth ministry and church leadership.  For whatever reason, a chronic health problem keeps me from serving as a pastor professionally.  In business, I bring the same skills in leadership, teaching, strategic planning, motivation & communication.  The chronic headache just means that I have to be more flexible in managing my time and expectations.

I am short on experience in this field, but I am under the direct coaching & mentorship of Gordon Wilson, who has 40 years of success in this industry.

I would like the opportunity to serve you, contributing to your success by aligning your business, club, church or organization with quality products that you would be proud to have your name on.

Products like these help to build a positive group image among the people within the organization, and promotes an image that is attractive to those whom you hope to reach.

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